The Healthy Bone’s K-9 Adventure Hiking Program

Our current business model is structured to provide the first alternative to traditional style doggy daycare in Colorado.  Now in our eighth year, we have become a leader in the field and paved the way for a new kind of service geared toward offering a healthy and balanced lifestyle for our canine friends.   We offer an option for high energy, high-drive working dogs, all of whom benefit tremendously from both the physical exercise and mental stimulation provided by our unique, highly structured pack hikes.

The mental stimulus provided by off-leash pack interaction is an invaluable training tool, as well as a proven method to achieve lasting behavior modification. While traditional on-leash walks are of course beneficial, off-leash pack work affords the opportunity not only for increased aerobic exercise, but also provides a cerebral impetus, as our canine companions are able to explore their environment in a way that would not be possible on-leash. During our Adventures, we employ a myriad off off-leash activities and exercises in an effort to achieve lasting results that will carry over into the day-to-day lifestyles of each pack member.  We work to identify the specific needs and/or issues of every animal we work with and are able to tailor our program in a way that allows us to address individual concerns within a pack setting. We meet with every client to assess the animal we will be working with prior to inviting them into a group setting so that we are adequately informed and prepared.

Our program operates by utilizing local open spaces, dog parks, national forests, and select private properties, which are carefully chosen in order to provide the most appropriate atmosphere for each personalized adventure.  We offer both pick up and drop off service utilizing our fleet of E-350 Super Duty Ford Club Wagons.  Each vehicle is equipped with individualized kennels, heating and air conditioning which circulates throughout both the front and back of each vehicle, water, and food/snacks. We also provide specialized attention along the way, thus ensuring that every member of our pack is enjoying the most comfortable transport possible.

We have garnered much attention through our work with local rescue groups and our dedication to the rehabilitation of canines with specific behavioral issues.  We have seen firsthand the power of pack work. By utilizing a group of dogs to teach, modify, and influence the behavior of an individual canine, we have personally witnessed a complete transformation in the conduct of animals we are working to rehabilitate. The combination of pack work, increased aerobic exercise, and heightened mental stimulation results in an animal that is healthier, more balanced, responsive, and restored, regardless of their history.  Our pack training model has literally saved the lives of many canines and brought peace to many households.

While in pack drive, a canine will learn to focus on, work with, and take direction from the “pack leader”.  They seek to please the leader of their pack and will begin to wait for commands and respond quickly when recalled. This behavior typically extends automatically into the relationship with the dog’s owner; however, if the owner continues to have issues at home, we work one-on-one with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome. We are very hands on with the clients we serve and realize that our work is not just about rehabilitating the animal, but also in working with the owner in an effort to create a consistent and structured approach for lasting results.

At first glance, it may seem an impossible feat to safely control a sizable group of off-leash canines.  Pack work requires focus, organization, attention to detail, and a calm, confident pack leader equipped with all of the necessary knowledge, a solid plan for working a particular group of dogs, and the right tools to ensure an outstanding and safe experience for every group participant.

We are obviously very passionate about the work that we do and feel confident that the type of service we provide is not only beneficial for our clientele, but is also an integral component in the rehabilitation of animals with behavioral issues.  We have seen firsthand the difference made in the animals we foster and the clients we serve, as these canines are benefiting in a way that simply would not be possible in a traditional doggy daycare setting. The need to run, explore, hike, swim, smell, and simply become accustomed to being off leash in a pack setting – this is what our K-9 Adventure program is all about!

For Additional Information…

If you are interested in any of our programs and/or services, please complete the New Client K9 Adventure Service Request, as well as one Pet Information Disclosure for each of your canine companions (these documents are also located within the Client Forms section of our website).  Should you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call-one of our representatives will be in touch!  We thank you for your interest in The Healthy Bone!

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