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Blissful Tails!


Blissful Tails is a one of a kind company created with an entirely new take on in-home pet care services!  We know that no two furred/feathered/scaled family members are alike and thus there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to caring for your beloved pets! Click here to set up an in-home consultation!



Duty Free Pets!

The days are becoming shorter; the nights are getting chillier…do you really want to arrive home each night only to head out back with a headlamp to clean up after your pup?  Perhaps you’re a weekend poo picker upper, but once the snow really starts flying, trudging through the slush on the hunt for a week’s worth of soggy “presents” – well surely you can think of more pleasant activities to engage in during these colder months!  Why not leave it up to the professionals?  For mere dollars a week, Duty Free Pets will see to it that your yard is poo free!  Even better, mention The Healthy Bone when contacting Duty Free Pets  (or give them a call at 303.388.9373) and receive THREE FREE WEEKS* of service!  Don’t delay – surrender your poo pickup duties today!

*Three free weeks over your first three months of service with Duty Free Pets (one FREE week each month!)

Yeti Prints Photography


Mention The Healthy Bone when contacting Yeti Prints Photography and receive a 30 percent discount on your photography session, which includes a photo disc or a thumb drive!